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Lock Locksmith Tech San Antonio, TX 210-780-7310All car owners know that losing car keys is a big pain and getting them replaced by the dealer is time consuming and expensive. Lock Locksmith Tech has a dedicated automotive locksmith department with experienced industry stalwarts to resolve a wide range of automobile locks and keys concerns. Whether you want duplicate car keys made or require ignition repairs, just state your issue to our friendly auto locksmith team and they will ensure an affordable solution.

The art of key making

It is not easy to replicate a car key or even make a new key without inspecting the lock; it is above the realms of a novice locksmith, lacking the expertise and finesse to do this complex job. If you compare automobile locks of today with yesteryears, you will realize how much technology has advanced in a short span of time. We have developed key fobs, encrypted transponder keys, anti-theft alarms and much more to improve our vehicle’s security. As a result, automobile keys are getting more and more complex. Locksmiths at Lock Locksmith Tech are competent and trained to make even the most advanced and complicated car keys, which an inexperienced locksmith might not be able to deliver.

Professional tools for a superior outcome

You may urgently require a spare car key and visit your neighborhood hardware store to get one made. But the substandard quality of car keys made at such shops either doesn’t work at all or doesn’t last long enough. Also, it might snap off in your lock, adding to your troubles! Hi-tech tools in the hands of a skillful locksmith will result in a superior quality key. We have discarded the old tools of the trade and replaced them with their modern and cutting-edge counterparts, allowing our technicians to get car keys made quickly, efficiently, and with superb finish.

The keys we work with

It may look like just another key, but we don’t realize the sophisticated technology that every transponder key is equipped with. These keys carry embedded programmable chips that are used to transmit a signal to the automobile to disarm the car’s immobilizer. So, besides duplicating the key perfectly, it also must be programmed correctly. Such complicated tasks are resolved by our technicians on a regular basis. Our skilled auto locksmiths can get car keys made for any automobile, make or model, from transponder keys to high-tech laser car keys with finesse.

Get quality car keys made in quick time and at affordable rates! Call Lock Locksmith Tech now!